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The Official 30 Second Sit To Stand Test

Are you at higher risk of falling? Find out in 30 seconds.

1 in 4 adults aged 65+ will fall this year. Will you be one of them? Here’s how to find out if you are high or low risk for falling by taking the 30 second sit to stand test.

What is the 30 second sit to stand test?

Developed by physiotherapists at the California State University in Fullerton, the 30 second sit to stand test is part of the Fullerton Fitness Test which measures physical fitness abilities. The Sit To Stand Test (also known as 30CST) was developed to measure functional lower body strength & endurance—which is the greatest indicator of your likelihood of falling down. The stronger your lower body… the lower the risk of a fall. But if you have a weaker lower body your risk of falling will be much higher. 

Here’s a great article if you want to get a stronger lower body. Check out “The 4 Best Exercises To Improve Walking & Leg Strength” (Click Or Tap Here to read)

How to do the 30 second sit to stand test

What you’ll need:

  • A sturdy chair with a straight back (no armrests)
  • A stopwatch
  • Someone to time you

How to do it:

  1. Place the back of your chair against a wall so it can’t slide backwards.
  2. Sit towards the front of the chair.
  3. Fold your arms across your chest, making an X (Your right hand will be touching your left shoulder & your left hand will be touching your right shoulder).
  4. Put your feet flat on the floor & sit up straight.
  5. Have the person say “Go” while starting the timer & counting your stands.
  6. Rise from the chair to a full standing position without using your hands.
  7. Sit back down.
  8. Repeat as many times as you can for 30 seconds.
30 Second Sit To Stand Test Demonstration

That’s it! It’s a very simple test that gives you a LOT of insight as to how much you need to work on your lower body strength to stay mobile & avoid falling.

(If you are halfway to a standing position when the 30 seconds ends, that also counts as a stand)

And now… it’s time to find out what it all means!

Are you at higher risk of falling than others? Here’s what your results say…

30 Second Sit To Stand Test Results

If you completed fewer sit to stands than the number in the column by your age & gender… that means you scored below average for lower body strength & endurance. The lower your score is below the average the higher your risk of falling.

If you completed the same number of sit to stands listed in the column or higher then your risk of falling is lower than others your age.

How to improve lower body strength & reduce the risk of falling

If the 30 second sit to stand test revealed that you’ve lost strength in your lower body, there’s a gentle way to get it back. We all know that when you’ve lost muscle & strength it makes it even harder to exercise. That’s why this “Lower Body Strengthening” class has been designed specifically for older adults. It’s a gentle way to start rebuilding your muscles without pushing your body too hard. 

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