senior woman experiencing discomfort from bloating in menopause

6 Simple Ways To Battle Bloating in Menopause

Find out what might be causing you to bloat and what you can do to help manage it

Through perimenopause, the lead up to menopause, and menopause itself, bloating is not an uncommon occurrence. Menopause Belly, the loving term given to bloating in menopause, can affect how you feel about yourself and can be very uncomfortable. We’re about to delve into potential triggers and ways you can alleviate bloating in menopause.

The Cause

Bloating and menopause go hand in hand. It can start as early as perimenopause when your hormones are starting to shift in preparation for menopause itself and can continue throughout menopause. Bloating in menopause is caused by excess water retention or excess gas retention. Continue on to learn more about water and gas retention!

There Are Different Kinds of Bloating?

Most gas bloating appears in the stomach. The most common culprits are diet and how you eat. Eating too quickly can cause more gas to be created while digesting. The size of your meals and how far apart they are can also cause your food to create more gas which leads to more bloating.

Excess water bloating can appear in other parts of your body as well as your stomach. Your hands and feet are common areas to experience water retention bloating. Other less common areas that experience water retention bloating are your midsection and potentially throughout your whole body.

No matter the kind of bloating, if you are experiencing painful or excessive bloating over an extended period of time, reach out to your doctor.

Bloating Begone

Bloating is uncomfortable. That’s something most people can agree on. Fortunately there are ways to help recover from bloating and decrease how often you experience it. The first and arguably the best step is to maintain gut health. Through the use of prebiotics and probiotics, found in foods like Sauerkraut, Kombucha, or other fermented foods, your gut will be able to handle more without causing that uncomfortable bloat. Get all the details on nutrition as we age, here.

More Ways to Reduce Bloating in Menopause

Senior woman exercising to reduce bloating in menopause

1. Yoga

As one of the best ways to keep your body loose, Yoga helps ensure no gas is trapped in any one place in your body. Bending and twisting like you do in Yoga will ensure gas stuck in one place will be moved along and allows your body to process it which reduces bloat and uncomfortable pressure. Check out this chair yoga routine if you’re looking for an easy beginner class.

2. Regular Exercise

No need to run a marathon, but a regular evening walk or exercise routine appropriate to your fitness level will help with water retention and prevent gas from collecting in one area. Follow this link for a gentle full body workout.

3. Peppermint Tea

It’s high in flavonoids which help “calm” the bloat causing bacteria in your system.

4. Over The Counter Gas Pills

These are designed by some of the smartest minds to decrease uncomfortable gas and bloating and can be found at most pharmacies.

5. Learn & Avoid Triggers

Everyone processes the same foods differently. Over time, pay attention to what foods and drinks cause you to bloat and avoid those in the future. Common triggers include:

  • salty foods
  • carbonated drinks
  • artificial sweeteners
  • dairy products
  • broccoli
  • onions

6. Stay Hydrated

It’s hard to overstate the importance of keeping your body hydrated. Proper hydration is necessary to ensure your body is processing liquids and gasses as it should and not leaving you with that bloated feeling. Find more info about the importance of proper hydration as we age by following this link.

Whether you call it swelling, bloating, or menopause belly, it’s never comfortable and can sometimes be painful. Armed with the right knowledge like what causes bloating and ways to help prevent it—beating the bloat is easier than ever. Whether it’s reducing triggering food and drink, introducing pre and probiotic foods, or keeping your body moving with yoga classes, you have plenty of ways to manage bloating in menopause.

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