A trainer leads a group of senior women through a gentle routine of resistance band workouts aimed at improving seniors' strength, flexibility, range of motion and more.

Best Resistance Bands For Seniors—7 Types You Need To Know

A gentle way to get all the benefits of strength training—without heavy weights or tricky machines

Whenever the words “exercise equipment” come up, images of hard heavy steel spring to mind. Let’s change that and explore why resistance bands are some of the best exercise gear seniors can own. Here we’ll break down the 7 best resistance bands for seniors!

Why Resistance Bands Are Ideal for Seniors

One of the most important things to keep in mind while exercising is the strain you’re putting on your body, which is why the low impact nature of resistance bands make them great for older people of any fitness level. That’s just the start of the benefits of resistance bands:

  • Small & easy to store
  • Versatility to perform full body workouts
  • Progressive resistance to keep you challenged
  • Improves strength
  • Enhances flexibility & range of motion
  • Less intimidating than traditional workout equipment
  • Gentle on your joints
  • Decreases the risk of injury

Types of Resistance Bands

There are a few different kinds of resistance bands better suited to different exercises. We’ll break down what they are and when they’re used.

Tube Bands with Handles

These resistance bands are round tubes with handles on each end. They often come with accessories, like door anchors & various handles, which make tube resistance bands ideal for seniors who want to target any part of their body during a workout.

Loop Bands

These kinds of bands are flat continuous loops of rubber. Loop bands are most often looped around your legs or ankles & used during lower body exercises like squats & lunges. Loop bands often come in sets of varying tension.

Flat Bands

Often called Therabands, these long flat bands are some of the most popular resistance band styles with seniors. They’re often used when exercises call to tie one end off, wrapping the band around an anchor point like a bed post, or need 2 ends without them being looped.

Figure 8 Bands

Shaped like the number eight, these resistance bands are some of the most specialised kinds of bands. They’re best used for upper body exercises that target arms, chest, shoulder and back.

7 Best Resistance Bands For Seniors

Make it easy to find the right resistance bands for you with these resistance bands–we’ll break down the pros and cons of each one to help you choose!

1. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands


  • Comes as a set with 5 intensity levels
  • Loop bands are great for lower body workouts
  • Natural latex means they’re resistant to tears


  • More complicated to use for upper body workouts
  • No handles may mean these resistance bands are harder to hold on to
  • Can sometimes roll, making it difficult to keep in place during your workout

2. StarkTape Flat Resistance Band Rolls


  • Latex, powder, & scent free for sensitive skin & noses
  • The length makes it easy to adapt to desired tension
  • Lightweight which makes it easy to store & set up for workouts
  • Cut to the length you want—can make more than 1 resistance band


  • Can be stiff
  • Lower durability
  • Have to buy a separate roll for each level of resistance

3. Adjustable Resistance Bands With Handles (Amazon Link)


  • Handles makes it easy to hold no matter the workout
  • Great for full body workouts
  • Easy to hook up multiple bands for increased challenged


  • Can be harder to maintain form throughout the exercise
  • If you lose the handles, they can be hard to use

4. HPYGN Flat Resistance Bands / Physical Therapy Bands


  • Excellent for rehabilitating injuries
  • Comes with carrying case, making it very easy to travel with
  • Great for improving flexibility in seniors


  • No handles or texture can mean they slip out of your hands occasionally
  • Can be damaged by wrapping them an anchor point
  • Instruction booklet may not be as detailed as you might like

5. THERABAND Resistance Band Set

Version 1.0.0


  • Well known brand for high quality
  • Multiple levels of tension
  • Great for upper & lower body workouts


  • Unpleasant odour

Pro Tip: When it comes to flat physical therapy style bands, we’re big fans of Theraband here at Better5.

6. ALTA Resistance Tube Bands With Handles


  • Comes with attachments to help anchor the straps for varied exercises
  • Tube bands are odour free
  • Handles & textured bands make them easy to hold
  • Scrunchknit fabric prevents the rubber from snapping against your skin


  • Harder to adapt tension
  • Not as convenient for travelling

7. Fabric Resistance Bands for Working Out

A gentle way to get all the benefits of strength training—without heavy weights or tricky machines


  • Don’t have to worry about stretching them out or having them snap
  • Small & light–easy to travel with & store
  • Fabric covered for your comfort


  • Loop bands aren’t as versatile as other band styles
  • The fabric can limit how far you can stretch
  • Lightest weight may be too heavy for some seniors

Resistance bands offer almost all of the benefits of traditional workout equipment in a much smaller package. They’re low impact and adaptable for lower, upper or full body workouts. After finding the right set of resistance bands, you’ll want to put them to work. Get into the swing of things with this Gentle Seated Band Exercises Class.