Senior man wearing his wireless headphones happily dances around his apartment, enjoying the music and movement

Dance For Older People—The Most Fun Way To Boost Mobility!

It's fun & it feels fantastic!

Your dancing days aren’t behind you. Footloose, grooving, shaking a leg, shimmying–it doesn’t matter what you call it, dancing for older people can be fun and offer plenty of health benefits. If you’re looking for ways to stay active, get out and meet new people, or you just love shaking a leg, you’re in the right place!

5 Benefits Of Dance For Older People

For older people, regular movement is crucial to maintaining and improving mobility. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to move that you enjoy—and dance has done just that throughout history. While staying active is a great reason to break out those dancing shoes, it’s not even close to the only reason why you should celebrate each day with a little jig. 

1. Physical Health

Dance for older people is an excellent low impact exercise that does wonders for cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and balance–which impacts all areas of your life. Find more ways to improve your balance with some chair assisted balance exercises–Click Or Tap Here.

2. Cognitive Boost

To learn and remember the steps to a dance keeps your brain stimulated and helps maintain memory. Dance also has a beneficial effect in supporting brain health, potentially reducing the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. 

3. Emotional Well Being

Nothing beats the fantastically free feeling you get when you’re dancing. Although the endorphins that get released reducing anxiety, stress, and depression are pretty good too. Not to mention the improved self-esteem you’ll have from nailing your favorite dance move! 

4. Social Interaction

Dance can be the connection to others older people are looking for. Whether you’re bonding over new moves in a dance class, showing off your skills at a party, or an intimate dance with your favorite partner–dance has been connecting people for generations.

5. Fun Weight Management

There’s a saying “You won’t work a day if you do what you love”—the same is true for working out! Once you find a dance you love, you’ll be moving all day every day and the next time you step on the scale you’ll see what all that boogying has done for your weight loss. For a more focused weight loss routine, check out this “flabby to fit after fifty” workout–click or here.

Discovering Your Groove —What Dance Style Is For You?

As long as you’re moving to the music you’re dancing. Sometimes though, you want to learn a specific dance. It might be a dance to protect your knees and hips, or a dance to help boost balance. There’s a whole world of dances to choose from and some offer benefits that might make it easier to find your favorite.

Line Dancing

One of the most social forms of dancing—”line dancing”—is done in groups positioned in lines or rows. It’s a great dance for coordination and cognitive benefits as you learn the routines and follow the call-outs. As most moves in line dancing aren’t complicated and performed one at a time, people at any mobility level can participate in this cardiovascular boosting dance. 

Ballroom Dancing

The dance of royalty and lovers, ballroom dancing is a time honored tradition of elegance and coordination. While finding the right dancing partner is a big part of the fun with this dance, the intricate steps and timing are great for balance and mental strength. The gentle controlled movements help support posture, stability, and muscle strength.

Latin Dances

The Salsa. The Cha-Cha. The Merengue. They’re fun to say and even more fun to perform. Latin dances are fast paced and are guaranteed to get your heart pumping. Through quick steps, hip movements, and arm gestures latin dances lend themselves to full body workouts that improve flexibility, strength, and balance. The infectious music and celebratory movements also make it really easy to enjoy yourself every time you’re performing any of these dances.

Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing is right up there with Latin Dances when it comes to fun names. “The Lindy Hop” and “Jump ‘n Jive” give you a hint at the kind of dances you can expect too. Swing dance movements are energetic but can be altered for older people to create a fun dynamic way to work on cardiovascular health. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people, since you’ll need a partner to “Swingaroo” with. 

For more ways to help maintain or improve your heart health, check out these gentle cardio exercises–Click Or Tap Here.

How To Get On The Dancefloor Over 50

While getting loose on the dancefloor might be enticing, it’s best to start slow. Since you want to be able to dance for years to come, low impact dances, in your most supportive dancing shoes, are a great place to start. While you’re getting into the groove make sure to listen to your body, and stay hydrated. And make sure your dancefloor is big and clear enough for you to really strut your stuff. 

If you’re worried your footwork isn’t quite ready to be called fancy, some extra attention during a workout will help get them there. Find 5 easy foot exercises for seniors–by clicking or tapping here.

If you enjoyed that class, you can get the full 5 Days of Fun Seated Dance for Cardio Health Class here!

Getting into dance when you’re older can be one of the most freeing ways to maintain your mobility. It keeps you connected to others and your own body. Not to mention the many ways dance for older people boosts health and physical well being. If your toes are tapping, and you want more ways to include dance in your workout routine–checkout this 5 Easy Dance Classes for Healthy Movement.