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Easy Neck Exercises For Seniors | Here’s What They Don’t Tell You

If you’re only doing stretches for your neck… you’re doing it wrong

Sure, you’ll reduce the pain & stiffness by doing neck stretches. But if that’s the ONLY type of stretch you’re doing—you’re not getting nearly as much relief as you could be. Your upper back, neck & shoulder muscles are all connected so unless you stretch all these areas, you’re only getting a fraction of the relief. With these easy neck exercises for seniors you’ll not only stretch out your neck, but also all the connecting muscles too.

What is neck pain?

Neck pain can be dull or sharp and can spread to your shoulders, arms, or head. Ignoring neck pain can lead to chronic discomfort and reduced mobility.

What causes neck pain?

Several factors can cause neck pain, including:

  • Poor posture: sitting or standing in an awkward position for an extended period can cause tension in your neck muscles.
  • Muscle strain: overuse of your neck muscles, such as looking down at your phone or computer for too long, can cause strain.
  • Injury: whiplash, falls, or accidents can cause neck pain.
  • Arthritis: a common condition in seniors that can affect any joint in the body, including the neck.

The missing link that prevents you from getting total relief

The muscles in the upper back, neck, and shoulders are all interconnected and work together to support your head and neck. When one area is tight or overworked, it can cause tension and pain in the other areas. For example, if you spend long hours hunched over a computer or looking down at your phone, your upper back muscles may become strained and tight. This can pull on your neck and shoulder muscles, leading to pain and stiffness.

Stretching only your neck muscles may provide some relief, but you’re missing the link to your neck that your other muscles provide—which offers much more relief. By stretching out all these areas simultaneously, you can release the tension and tightness in the entire region, allowing for improved circulation, flexibility, and range of motion. This comprehensive approach can help alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by neck problems, and also prevent future issues from arising. So if you want to truly get rid of your neck pain, be sure to incorporate exercises that target your upper back and shoulders as well.

Easy Neck Exercises For Seniors—Stretch Your Neck, Upper Back & Shoulders With Gentle Yoga!

Watch the video & simply follow along!

We’ll break down each exercise below, but because yoga involves flowing from one pose into the next, it’ll be much easier for you to simply follow along step-step with the video so you know how to transition from one pose to the next.

Active Child’s Pose

Active child's pose
  • Come onto your hands and knees on the floor
  • Bring your feet together, separate your knees & sink your hips back
  • Lower your chest & bring your forehead to rest on a yoga block with arms stretched out in front of you
  • Hold for approximately 60 seconds

Child’s Pose With Shoulder Opener

Child's pose shoulder opener
  • Continuing from above position, lower elbows to the ground
  • Raise forearms up behind your head
  • Turn palms to face shoulder and bring hands to rest on shoulders (it’s okay if you can’t reach your shoulders)
  • Hold for approximately 60 seconds

Thread The Needle

Thread the needle yoga pose
  • Continuing from above position, bring your arms forward, placing your hands on the mat and lift your upper body 
  • Bring your left hand out to the side and reach to the sky
  • Then bring it back down and thread it under your chest & through your other arm
  • Hold here for approximately 60 seconds
  • Repeat on other side

Table Top Shoulder Opener

Table top shoulder opener
  • Come into table top position
  • Bring left arm out to the side & raise up
  • Hold here for approximately 60 seconds
  • Repeat on other side

Downward Facing Dog Transition

Downward facing dog transition
  • Continuing from above position, tuck your toes & curl your feet
  • Push into your palms, lift your knees and bring your hips up
  • Start walking hands back towards feet until you’re bent in a fold position for the next pose

Forward Fold With Hands On Head

Forward fold with hands on head
  • From the forward fold position, interlace fingers and bring your hands to hold the back of your head
  • Hold for approximately 60 seconds
  • Release your fingers & bring your hands to rest on the mat (if you can reach)
  • Bend the knees slightly, press into your feet & slowly start to roll up into a standing position

Shoulder Roll

Shoulder roll
  • Draw hands back behind you and interlace fingers behind your back
  • Roll shoulders away from ears & bring shoulders together
  • Squeeze elbows & feel the stretch in your front shoulders
  • Hold for approximately 60 seconds

Forward Fold With Shoulder Opener

Forward fold with shoulder opener
  • Continuing from above position, slowly roll forward with hands clasped behind your back, allowing your chest to lower towards the ground in a front fold
  • Raise your arms up from behind you so they are no longer touching your back (if you can’t raise your arms, simply leave your hands resting against your back)
  • Hold for approximately 60-90 seconds

Forward Fold Transition

Forward fold transition
  • Staying in the forward fold position, lower your arms back down to your back
  • Bend at the elbows, unclasp your hands and let your arms float back down towards the ground
  • Whenever you’re ready slowly transition into a seated position

Rolling Chin Tucks

Rolling chin tucks
  • Sit up tall & lower your right ear over your right shoulder
  • Tuck your chin and roll your forehead down towards center and over to the left
  • Repeat back in the other direction
  • Continue back and forth for approximately 60 seconds

By doing these easy neck exercises for seniors, you’ll stretch out all the muscles that are causing your neck to be tight & stiff. You’ll reduce the tension & stiffness in your neck, shoulders & upper back while improving your posture, and increase your range of motion. 

If you found this class helpful, be sure to try the full 7 day program “Neck & Shoulder Relief With 7 Days Of Simple Yoga”.

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