How To Do The Sit To Stand Exercise—(Full Workout Included)

Make Getting In & Out Of Chairs Easy Again!

Whether it’s getting out of chairs, onto the toilet, off the couch or out of bed, your ability to do all of these things can be greatly improved with the sit to stand exercise. It’s one of the most essential movements in day-to-day life. Understanding how to do it properly and including strengthening exercises into your daily routine can really help you rise above that awkward struggle to smoothly get up from a chair. 

Why should older adults do the sit to stand exercise?

Not only does it help you learn how to properly lift yourself up to a standing position, but it strengthens all the muscles that make that movement easier—your glutes, thighs, hips, calves, core & back. All of these muscles help you…

  • Get in & out of chairs easier
  • Improve balance & stability
  • Reduce the risk of a fall
  • Improves mobility
  • Increases strength & endurance (which helps improve other activities like walking, standing & taking stairs too)
  • Boosts confidence & independence
  • Can keep you from feeling embarrassed by the awkward struggle to stand

Your ability to do the sit to stand movement has even been linked to how high or low your risk of falling is. Take the 30 second sit-to-stand test now to see if you’re at risk of falling (Click Or Tap Here)

How to do the sit to stand exercise

  • Start by sitting close to the front of your chair with your feet tucked in under you so your knees are sticking out slightly over your toes
  • Place your hands on your lap
  • Lean forward, bringing your nose over your toes
  • Press your hands into your thighs, close to your knees, and start standing as you bring your hips up before the rest of your body
  • Reverse the movement to sit back down
  • Run your hands down your thighs until they hit the top of your knees as you bend over
  • Keep your nose over your toes as you slowly sit back down

That’s it—you now know how to do the sit to stand exercise! But don’t stop there…

It’s important to know that in order to improve your sit to stand for everyday movements like…

  • Getting in & out of the car
  • Lowering yourself onto the toilet
  • Getting off the couch without struggling
  • Standing up from chairs…

… you’ll see much bigger improvements by incorporating the sit to stand exercise into a full routine that strengthens all the muscles involved in the movement. 

Improve your sit to stand with this gentle exercise routine for older adults

Follow along with the video below to strengthen your glutes, thighs, hips, calves, core & back—and watch your ability to get into & out of chairs get a lot better!

You can watch this video again & again to continue building strength or you can unlock access to the full program for even better results. This free video is the 1st day of the 7 day program “Improved Sit To Stand” by Better5, which you can now get for over 60% off.

This program builds up strength in the muscles you use in your sit to stand movements while improving your balance so you can get up smoothly & safely. 

Program details:

  • 7 days of classes
  • 20 minutes per session
  • ZERO floorwork
  • Progressive exercises designed to get you in & out of chairs safely

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