A senior couple happily enjoys performing their daily routine of posture exercises to improve comfort & back strength.

5 Essential Posture Exercises For Seniors To Stop Pain

Your posture is much more than just standing up straight–here’s how posture exercises can boost your quality of life

Good posture isn’t just about standing tall, it has a huge effect on your overall health. From reducing the risk of falls to alleviating back pain and boosting confidence, good posture has a lot of benefits. To keep standing proud, and get all the benefits of great posture—check out these simple posture exercises for seniors.

Common Posture Problem in Seniors

Addressing posture issues in your golden years is necessary to maintain overall health and freedom. While it’s easy to associate good posture with standing tall or sitting straight, there are a few conditions that commonly affect seniors with poor posture:

1. Kyphosis

    • Commonly known as rounded shoulders, Kyphosis often appears as a hunched back, leading to a forward rounding of the shoulder
    • This posture problem is caused by a variety of factors like age-related changes in bone density, muscle weakness, and poor sitting habits
    • Kyphosis not only affects the aesthetics of one’s posture but can also lead to discomfort, reduced mobility, and increased risk of falls

    2. Text Neck

      • AKA Forward Head Posture, occurs when your head is positioned further forward than your shoulders
      • Seniors who spend a lot of time sitting or hunched over electronic devices have a higher chance of having this posture problem.
      • Text neck can cause neck pain & headaches

      3. Lordosis

        • Also called “swayback”, this posture problem involves an excessive inward curve of the lower back
        • Seniors may develop lordosis due to weakened abdominal muscles, obesity, or osteoporosis
        • The severe curve in your back can result in lower back pain, difficulty standing upright, and compromised spinal stability

        Tips for Daily Good Posture Practices for Seniors

        While exercises are the best way to maintain and improve your posture, some changes to your daily life can boost that impact. Simply being mindful of sitting straight with your feet flat on the floor will help reduce the strain on your spine. Investing in ergonomic furniture and support devices like lumbar cushions will take a lot of stress off aching body parts while improving your overall posture.

        5 Gentle Posture Exercises for Seniors

        It’s easy enough to include posture exercises into your daily exercise and stretching routine. These exercises will focus on your back, shoulders, and core. It’s advised you have a comfortable seat and clear space to exercise in.

        1. Neck Stretches/Rolls

          • Sitting on the ground or on a chair, start by stretching your neck out
          • Slowly roll your head to the left
          • Slowly roll your head to the right
          • Continue for 30 seconds

          2. Shoulder Rolls

            • Sit up straight in a chair
            • Begin rolling your shoulders up
            • Roll your shoulders down
            • Repeat for 30 seconds

            3. Baby Cobra Chest Lifts

              • Lay on your stomach
              • Place your hands & forearms flat on the ground ready to push up
              • Begin to slowly push up so you’re on your elbows
              • Hold briefly
              • Lower yourself back down
              • Repeat for 30 seconds

              4. Transabdominal Activations

                • Lay flat on your back, with feet flat on the ground & knees bent
                • Focus on bringing your belly button toward the ground, flexing your abdominal muscles
                • Hold for 5 seconds & relax
                • Repeat for 30 seconds

                5. Chin Tucks

                  • Lay on your back, or sit straight in a chair
                  • Tuck your chin in toward your chest
                  • Hold for 5 seconds
                  • Bring your chin back up to your starting position
                  • Repeat for 30 seconds

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                  Posture conveys how you feel and affects your overall health. Which is why good posture is so important for your comfort as you age. A good set of exercises, designed to bring your spine back into alignment and get rid of the imbalances causing you stiffness is the key to getting your life back. These posture exercises for seniors are the perfect way to get started! For best results, sign up for the Better5 “7 Days To Improve Your Posture” class now (Click Or Tap Here)