The Short & Gentle Way To Strengthen Your Lower Body At 55+

Is lower body strengthening the secret to maintaining your independence?

One of the most important muscles groups for everyday function is your lower body. Your quads, hamstrings, hips, glutes & calves all work together to keep you moving & keep you upright. Without even realizing it, you use these muscles in almost everything you do. Keeping them strong is essential to aging well and thankfully that doesn’t require heavy weights or long gym sessions—there’s a short & gentle way to strengthen your lower body at 55+.

Your Lower Body Muscles Are Used In Almost Every Single Movement You Make

Our lower body propels most of our movements. We often forget that we need it to do everyday activities such as going to the grocery store, checking the mail, walking, and many other daily tasks. Without a strong lower body, everyday living gets increasingly more challenging as you age. The great news is, there are lots of lower body exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home. 

The Benefits Of Lower Body Strengthening For Older Adults

The benefits of strengthening your lower body are nearly endless, including…

  • Better bone strength
  • Improved balance
  • Get up from chairs easier
  • Improved walking & standing endurance
  • Better mobility
  • Increased stamina
  • Helps prevent knee & hip injuries
  • Improves immune & digestive function
  • Helps keep blood pressure where it needs to be
  • Improved bone density 
  • Reduced risk of falling

Studies show that one in three people over the age of 65 and one in every two (50%) over the age of 80 fall at least once a year. The unfortunate but honest truth is, falling in your senior years can have very severe consequences. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of lower body strengthening to lessen that risk.  

Why Lower Body Strengthening Is Important For Seniors

The stronger you are, the more protected you are—starting with your legs, hips, and lower back. It really comes down to quality of life. Being able to do simple tasks without struggling makes every day so much easier and more enjoyable. Not to mention that continuing to do the activities you enjoy is vital to your mental health as well.

When you sit back and think about the functions of your lower body, it becomes pretty apparent why keeping it healthy and strong is so important

  • Enjoy going for walks
  • Be able to stand in the grocery line
  • Get down on the floor to play with your grandkids
  • Stand up from your chair without struggling
  • Feel confidence on your feet instead of fearful

Since we naturally lose muscle mass as we age, some lower body exercises can make all the difference in how quickly you tire, how you move, and your ability to spend time with those you love, especially if you have grandchildren. 

Lower Body Strengthening Is The Stabilizer For Your Joints & Balance

Over the years, your joints take a lot of wear and tear and, combined with muscle loss, can lead to more instability. Your lower body is the stabilizer for the rest of your body—it’s what keeps you upright. By strengthening these joints and muscles you improve your ability to stay upright, to move & to function better every day. Having strong legs is key to keeping your independence as you age.

It’s Never Too Late To Start

When we’re younger, we take for granted the full capability of our bodies and run around freely without any regard for the stress we are putting on our muscles, bones, and joints. Along with a well-balanced diet and light aerobic exercises, it’s essential to add strengthening exercises to your everyday routine as you age. Whether you exercise daily or not at all, remember, it’s NEVER too late to start. Doing a moderate amount of strengthening is better than none at all.

The Short & Gentle Way To Strengthen Your Lower Body At 55+

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