5 Vacations For Senior Citizens With Limited Mobility

Your next vacation can be your dream vacation with this list of accessible destinations.

Wheelchair, walker, walking stick—your mobility doesn’t mean you have to miss out on adventures. There are perfect vacations for senior citizens with limited mobility all over the planet. Whether you love lake trips, cruises, or visiting tropical locations, there are vacations just for you.

Going on Vacation With Limited Mobility

Senior citizens with limited mobility have even more ways than ever before to enjoy themselves on vacation. It used to be that only areas with ramps were considered accessible. But with accessible hiking trails, wheelchair accessible beaches, tours designed for seniors and those with mobility issues, your options are only limited by your imagination. Knowing what your destination has to offer is always the best way to enjoy every second of your vacation.

Vacation Destinations For Senior Citizens With Limited Mobility

Your mobility shouldn’t keep you from striking out on the adventures you’ve been dreaming of. Some destinations are better suited for wheelchairs and other mobility limitations. Here are the most popular places for older adults:

1. Arizona

Gorgeous picture of Horseshoe Bend in the dramatic Arizona landscape

Striking rock formations. Vistas that seem to stretch forever. 300 days of sunshine. These are just a few of Arizona’s favourite things to brag about. The entire state becomes a vacation destination when you start considering the picturesque backcountry perfect for low impact hikes with little elevation. Or soak in the beauty of Scottsdale with destinations like the wheelchair accessible Butterfly wonderland. Not to forget the walkable arts district, and the Japanese Friendship Garden, both in Phoenix.

2. Niagara Falls

Night time picture of Niagara Falls and city skyline on a starry night

It’s only one of the largest waterfalls in the world—no big deal. Except it could be your next vacation destination! There are few places that are better vacations for senior citizens with limited mobility. The city is packed with character and easy to navigate. Tours are accommodating and welcoming. The food is world class. The falls themselves have multiple accessible observation decks.

3. Myrtle Beach

Bright colourful shot of the wheelchair friendly Myrtle Beach Promenade

Sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash on the shore while in a wheelchair, using a walker, or with limited mobility is as simple as going to Myrtle Beach. This South Carolina beach is known for its pristine sands, crisp ocean views, and incredible senior-friendly amenities. Head out for a new adventure under a warm sun with Myrtle Beach.

4. Turtle Bay, Hawaii

Golden sunset on rolling waves in Turtle Bay

This all inclusive resort in the heart of a tropical paradise is perfect for senior citizens of all mobility issues. The rooms are accessible for all mobility devices. The resort also provides beach wheelchairs and pool wheelchairs. Take a break from the home gym at their fitness center with accessible equipment.

5. Cruises

Cruise ship against the backdrop of rolling green hills

The majesty of the sea. The Fanfare of leaving port. Fun, games and entertainment on board. Culture, history, and new friends at every stop. Cruises offer more than almost any other vacation, like shows, activities, and even party games for seniors. No matter if you’re on an Alaskan cruise, tropical cruise, or a river cruise, they all offer unique experiences and plenty of mobility accessible options that you can’t go wrong no matter your choice.

Your adventuring days are not behind you. Vacations for seniors with limited mobility are everywhere. Whether it’s getting in touch with tour groups and tourism information to plan out the fully accessible adventure of your dream, or you choose a destination that’s tailored to your needs, your next vacation is around the corner. If you would like to explore new ways to improve your mobility click this link to sign up for Improved Flexibility and Mobility with 10 Days of Hatha Yoga Digital Class