Senior woman getting fit with gentle dumbbell exercises

Gentle Dumbbell Exercises For Seniors —With Printable PDF

Learn more ways to use dumbbells to perform gentle and comprehensive workouts

They’ve been around forever, come in plenty of shapes and sizes, and they’re one of the best ways to get a gentle workout. Whether you have multiple sets, or just a single dumbbell, there are plenty of exercises you can do without much effort. Find those exercises and an easy-to-follow PDF file below.

Benefits to Exercising with Dumbbells as a Senior

Dumbbells are great for working out individual parts of your body. The easiest, and most common, exercises with dumbbells target the upper body. With a wide range of exercises like bicep curls, presses, and more–dumbbell workouts offer incredible benefits:

  • They improve your balance & coordination—which can prevent falls & injuries
  • They increase your bone density & muscle mass—which can protect your joints & reduce pain
  • They boost your metabolism & energy levels—which can help you maintain a healthy weight & mood
  • They enhance your functional abilities—which can help you perform daily activities with ease & confidence

For the top reasons to strength train as you age–just click or tap here.

Dumbbell Exercises For Seniors—With PDF

Let’s get into the dumbbell exercises. Make sure you have the appropriate weight you feel comfortable with, a stable place to sit or stand,  and keep your dumbbells out of the way but easy to grab. Learn what not to do when setting up a home gym by clicking or tapping here.

Depending on your abilities, you can do these exercises standing or while seated in a chair—it’s up to you!

Check out the dumbbell exercises for seniors below and don’t forget to download your pdf—Click or tap the blue button below.

Dumbbell Curl With Hold

  • Take a dumbbell in each hand
  • Curl the right dumbbell toward your shoulder by bending at your elbow
  • Before bringing your right arm down, curl your left arm
  • Lower your right arm, while keeping your left arm curled
  • Bring your left arm down
  • Repeat the staggered right/left curls for 10 reps on both sides

Dumbbell Curl With Pulse

  • One arm at a time, begin to bring your hand up to your shoulder to perform a dumbbell curl
  • When your hand is at your shoulder slowly move it just a couple of inches away & bring it back, or “pulse” the dumbbell, for 5 seconds
  • Bring your hand back down to neutral
  • Repeat for 10 reps per side

Dumbbell Overhead Extension

  • Start with a dumbbell in your hand & your arm extended above you
  • Bring your hand down behind your head by bending at the elbow
  • Lift the weight by straightening your arm
  • Repeat for 5 reps per side

Dumbbell Curl With Shoulder Movement

  • Start with a dumbbell in each hand, arms hanging by your side
  • Bend at your elbow while brining it behind you
  • Bring your elbow & fist forward & up similar to a punching upward motion
  • Return to the starting position by reversing the steps
  • Continue for 5 reps per side

Dumbbell Curl Circles

  • Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, palm up
  • Bring your arm up to a 90 degree bend
  • Rotate your forearm in small clockwise circles.
  • Continue for 5 rotations, repeat on left side

Dumbbell Press

  • Start with a dumbbell in your right hand, & your arm bent so your hand is beside your right shoulder.
  • Drive the weight up in the air, straightening your arm upward
  • Bring your arm back down
  • Continue for 5 reps, change sides & repeat for 5 reps.

Hammer Curl With Hold

  • Hold a dumbbell vertically in each hand, & arms bent at 90 degrees
  • Bring your right arm down & back up all the way to your shoulder then return to 90 degree bend.
  • Repeat with your left arm
  • Continue for 10 reps total

Dumbbells are some of the best workout equipment you can own. As for the impact you’ll see when using dumbbells–increased bone density, and strength are just the start. The variable weight means your workout is manageable and adjustable. Not to mention dumbbells are easy to set up and store. If you own dumbbells and/or want to explore more gentle upper body exercises–this seated Arm Strengthening & Toning Class is for you.