Senior man concentrates on performing his resistance band exercise as a trainer helps a woman with the same exercise.

Printable Full Body Resistance Band Workout—For Beginners

Discover why Full Body Resistance Band Workouts are more than just a great way to build muscle!

A little bit of rubber can make a world of difference. Resistance bands are a versatile piece of equipment that anyone can use, regardless of fitness level, and they take up almost no space. Full body exercises lend themselves best to using resistance bands, and that’s exactly what we’ll dive into below.

No Heavy Equipment Needed

One of the single best things about using resistance bands in your workout is the set up. Most resistance bands are small flat bands, or tubes, made of rubber—sometimes with handles at either end. The small profile and light weight makes set up for your workout incredibly easy. No clunky equipment to unpack and repack and there’s no chance of dropping something and damaging your home. One of the best things about resistance bands is that they offer some of the most versatile workouts, but the fact they don’t take up much space isn’t bad either!

Resistance Bands Provide A Customizable Full Body Workout

The resistance band is a small but mighty piece of equipment. Part of that is the customizability of the bands themselves. Resistance bands, in general, will be marked with the resistance they provide in pounds. A 5 pound resistance band can become a 10 pound resistance band by doubling up the band itself. This way one band can be used for your full body workout by increasing or decreasing the resistance based on the exercise you’re performing. For more information on ways to set up your home gym–click or tap here.

Why Should Seniors Use Resistance Bands?

1. Increased Strength

Resistance bands are a form of resistance training that increases muscle mass. However, increasing your strength is far from the only benefit to your body. There are so many more benefits to using resistance bands in full body workouts, including….

2. Improved Mobility

Your joints will thank you for using low impact resistance band exercises. On top of the relief your joints will feel, resistance bands will help maintain and improve your mobility by strengthening muscles that aren’t always stimulated. Stronger muscles, especially the neglected ones, means a greater range of motion and more confidence.

3. Increased Stability & Balance

Resistance bands are fantastic for activating stabilising muscles that often get overlooked. That’s why a full body resistance band workout really is your full body. Your core will always be activated and getting stronger as you’ll have to work to balance against the resistance band, even when targeting a whole other muscle group like your shoulders. Find more balance exercises–by clicking or tapping here.

4. Minimise The Risk Of Injury

Compared to traditional strength training, resistance band workouts greatly reduce the risk of injury. The low impact nature of resistance bands make it easier on your joints while empowering you to workout at your own pace. There’s also less chance of dropping any heavy weights on yourself.

5. Adds Something New To Old Exercises

You can only move weights back and forth for so long before it gets really boring. Adding in resistance bands for your full body workouts will introduce variations to exercises you’ve been doing for years, or open the door to even more exercises. If you’ve been getting bored by your workouts, resistance band exercises can reinvigorate you in more ways than one! 

6. Stronger Bones

As the exercises are low impact, resistance band exercises are ideal for those with Osteoporosis, or anyone concerned about bone density. These exercises encourage extra calcium deposits, and stimulate bone growth, causing stronger bones and muscles. If you’re concerned about bone density, find out what foods to avoid – Click or Tap Here

Printable Full Body Resistance Band Workout—For Beginners (With PDF)

A full body workout is a great way to maintain your fitness level, or improve your physical well-being so you can have more freedom in your life. Grab a few resistance bands you’re comfortable with and we’ll get into the Full Body Resistance Band Workout.

Workout whenever and wherever by downloading printing this PDF:

Seated Row

  • Sit tall & straight in a chair
  • Hook your resistance band under the arch of your foot, with equal amount of the band on either side
  • Grip both sides of the band & pull them back & up toward your chest
  • Make sure to bring your shoulders back when your elbows come back
  • Continue for 10 repetitions

Seated Palloff Press

  • Find a sturdy anchor point to loop, or tie, one end of the band to
  • Once secured, grasp the free end of the resistance band with both hands
  • Keep your hands at sternum level & push your hands out in front of you
  • Pause when fully extended
  • Bring your hands back to your sternum & pause briefly
  • Repeat for 10 repetitions
  • Switch sides & continue for 10 repetitions

Seated Good-Morning

  • Sitting straight in a chair, hook the resistance band under the arch of both feet
  • Grab an end in each hand & bring the band up to shoulder level
  • Leading with your belly, lean forward with your entire upper body maintaining a straight back
  • Pause briefly at the bottom & return to sitting up straight with another short pause
  • Repeat for 10 repetitions


  • Stand up & place the band under both feet
  • Take a hold of each end & bring the band up & over your shoulders like a backpack
  • Leading with your butt, bend at the knees & go as low as you’re comfortable
  • Slight pause at the bottom & top of the movement
  • Repeat for 10 repetitions

Single Arm Overhead Press

  • Standing up straight place the resistance band under the arch of your left foot
  • Grab the band with your left hand & bring your hand & band up to your shoulder
  • Drive your fist straight up in the air & bring it back down to shoulder height
  • Continue for 10 repetitions.

If you want to increase strength and bone density while reducing stress on your joints during workouts, resistance bands are going to be one of the best investments you could make. No matter the exercise, resistance bands also work your stabilising and core muscles in virtually all exercises. That means bicep curls are helping with shoulder stability, and resistance band squats help improve your balance and strength. 

Don’t forget to download your printable full body resistance band workout!

If you’re intrigued by all the ways resistance bands can help you with your full body workouts–you’ll want to check out this Full Body Resistance Band Exercises class.