The Better5 Story

As we’ve gotten older & our loved ones even more so we noticed that everything seemed to be getting harder & harder. More aches & less of an ability to do what we used to. More time on the couch & less time doing things we once loved. More complaints & less joy. 

But we believe that your golden years are to be savoured & enjoyed—after all, you’ve earned it.

So we set out to create a place that will help you do exactly that… with content & products that empower older adults to look, feel & function your best.

We started Better5 based on the 5 pillars to a fulfilling life over 50:

Our mission is to enhance each of these 5 pillars in your life so you can truly age gracefully with joy & happiness. 

Physical Health

Mental Wellness

Meaning & Purpose

Strong Relationships & Social Connections

Maintaining Independence

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